THE POWER OF MUSIC! January, 2017

As we begin a new year, I realize how grateful I am for so many things that are in my life.  I’m not speaking of material things but thinking about the joy of love, friendship and the power of music—…

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Perhaps we did know each other in a former life. How I would love to think so!! Or perhaps in a previous incarnation, I was one of his adoring piano students, a member of his musical family who gravitated around…

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PIANISM- ANYTHING ELSE?? September 21, 2015

Even someone like the virtuoso performer Vladimir Horowitz, (were he alive today) might be impressed with the pianistic level of the pianists, regularly appearing on the competition circuit. There seem to be no technical problems or unsolved hurdles in evidence.…

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This is exciting news indeed! The Prokofiev Archive that was begun by Lina Prokofiev, the first wife of Sergei Prokofiev and was originally housed at Goldsmith College at the University of London, is now moving to this side of the…

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YOUTH & MATURITY! March 18, 2015

I am having great fun preparing a recital program to perform this weekend. The theme that unites all of these compositions is that of youth and maturity. This selection of works has made me realize how extremely subjective these two…

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THE JOY OF MUSIC! October 27, 2014

I was recently in Indiana giving concerts and master classes at DePauw University followed by a master class at Indiana University in Bloomington. It was a tough program - not an easy one for the performer or the listener. Bartok-…

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Is it just my perception or is time moving faster than ever these days?
It makes me think of a quote from my favorite writer Balzac:
Time is the sole capital for people whose future depends on their talent.”

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INDEPENDENCE! July 4, 2014

We celebrate independence today- the independence to be an individual – to be your own person- a prerequisite for any artist- the freedom to be bold, courageous, and the strength to follow one’s nose wherever it might lead. That is…

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REBIRTH! June, 2014

It’s been a magnificent weekend here in the mountains of West Virginia, providing proof to those words “it’s almost heaven.” Everything is in full bloom and rebirthing and I share that feeling as well.  I feel blessed to be here-…

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SNOW, SNOW & MORE SNOW! February 13, 2014

 West Virginia is snowed in – 15 inches and climbing! Here in the mountains, it sure is a beautiful sight. As my fellow West Virginians like to say –it’s “almost heaven.” And they are so right.

And what a great…

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