Is it just my perception or is time moving faster than ever these days?
It makes me think of a quote from my favorite writer Balzac:
Time is the sole capital for people whose future depends on their talent.”

INDEPENDENCE! July 4, 2014

We celebrate independence today- the independence to be an individual – to be your own person- a prerequisite for any artist- the freedom to be bold, courageous, and the strength to follow one’s nose wherever it might lead. That is…

REBIRTH! June, 2014

It’s been a magnificent weekend here in the mountains of West Virginia, providing proof to those words “it’s almost heaven.” Everything is in full bloom and rebirthing and I share that feeling as well.  I feel blessed to be here-…

SNOW, SNOW & MORE SNOW! February 13, 2014

 West Virginia is snowed in – 15 inches and climbing! Here in the mountains, it sure is a beautiful sight. As my fellow West Virginians like to say –it’s “almost heaven.” And they are so right.

And what a great…


NEW BEGINNINGS! January, 2014

I love new beginnings- the first day of the New Year, the clean calendar, the beginning of a new month- a new week- a new day. It’s a new chapter, and there is all this promise- where will we go…

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